Tuesday, 29 November 2011

From NYC to BCN

I said I would post daily from NYC but had no time. The city never sleeps you know! I am back and busy working on some articles I had to finish. Just wanted to pop up to say hi! You can see most of the photos on my Flickr.

Sunday, 6 November 2011

NYC Day 1

Small post today about the first day on NY. The pictures are a bit small, better tomorrow. Or today. We landed here yesterday at 1pm. The flight was long and the movies boring but I had the best plane food ever, I asked for the vegetarian tray in American Airlanes = my best plane lunch until now. I even took a picture!

We had a van waiting for us in the airport and headed to Manhattan, to the hotel. The driver was nice and he might take us too see some parts of the city. He booked us some tickets to see The Phantom of the Opera on Thursday!

Our Hotel is really nice, will post some pics another day. We stopped there to leave the bags and started to walk around the city. Lots of neck-cracking buildings! It was Marathon day, lots of people in sports clothes walking in all directions returning to their homes. We were a bit cold and wanted coffee, there is a Starbucks in every block so there was no way to hide. I had a Vanilla Skinny Latte, something we don't have in Barcelona, but after paying noticed the Xmas blackboard with the 3 special ones: peppermint, gingerbread and eggnog. So we will be back soon to taste any of them.

We made some shopping at Urban Outfitters, went to the NY public Library, walked Lexington and the 5th Avenue, pictured Cary Grant in the top of the Empire State... Then had dinner at Kunjip Restaurant, a small and busy Korean. It was packed and we were the only non-korean there so we thought it was a good quality sign.

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